Design Optimisation

About the service

Design Optimisation service is focused on maximizing the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. Through advanced simulations, we fine-tune electrical configurations, ensuring optimal functionality and output. Leveraging topography-based distribution algorithms, we strategically position frames to capitalize on sunlight exposure and minimize shading effects. Our shading analysis further enhances system performance by identifying potential obstructions and devising mitigation strategies. By leveraging these tools, we ensure optimal performance and returns on investment for our clients’ solar projects.


  • Maximized System Efficiency: Fine-tuned electrical configurations and strategic frame positioning to ensure maximum efficiency of photovoltaic and battery storage systems.
  • Enhanced Performance: Mitigation of shading effects and optimal use of sunlight exposure to improve overall system performance.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data-driven comparisons and simulations provide the necessary insights for selecting the most efficient products and configurations.
  • Increased Returns on Investment: Ensures optimal performance of solar projects, maximizing returns on investment for clients.

Key Service Features

  • Compare Multiple products and technology configuration
  • Simulating various electrical configuration
  • Topography based distribution of frames Shading analysis

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Case study

Creating dual value in Agrivoltaics

AgroPV project with sun-tracking mounting structure and a comprehensive irrigation system for food production and PV power generation.

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