We design commercial and utility-scale solar projects worldwide.

If you’re looking for a photovoltaic design and engineering consultancy to help with preliminary engineering or design, DETRA can help. Our experienced engineers will assist with thorough designs and calculations, making sure your project is 100% accurate and your energy yield is maximized.

Extreme precision.

We are uniquely positioned to guarantee a high degree of accuracy by using our own bespoke 3D solar design software package, PVcase.

With years of experience in international markets, we ensure precision by employing global best practices and industry standards, always staying up-to-date with any new developments or guidance.

PV Engineering

Construction ready electrical and mechanical drawings

Design Audit

Your independent auditor to ensure the effectiveness of your PV system.

Owner's Engineering

We will be your dedicated technical consultants.

3D Vizualisations

Drone and 3D rendered video – getting the aesthetics right

PV design worldwide since 2009

Helping to deliver over 9.4GW of renewable power in 48 countries

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You’re in safe hands. We have dozens of happy customers across the globe. More than just consultants, we’ll be your trusted advisors, problems solvers and reliable design partners ‒ delivering precise designs on-time, every time.

You’re in safe hands. We have dozens of happy customers across the globe, because we are more than just consultants. Think of us as trusted advisors, problem solvers and reliable design partners.