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The Detra Solar Difference

Detra Solar services are a combination of in-depth industry knowledge and unmatchable precision. Our designs achieve maximum accuracy due to working with PVcase. The software that is being used predominantly by the top players in the industry was developed in our office. That is why our know-how and experience allows us help smaller companies achieve the standards that are adopted by leaders.

Your partner in designing any solar park

Detra Solar has significant experience in designing ground mount, roof mount, floating, and carport solar systems worldwide. Whether your project is at its initial phase or looking to move towards more technical drawings, the engineers at Detra Solar can support you throughout every stage.

The unprecedented precision, experience, and focus on optimizing every aspect of our designs allow us to maximize their energy yields rapidly.

The balance between these qualities is allowed by working with the market-leading 3D design software PVcase, which has been created by our engineers as an in-house tool to maximize the value of Detra’s designs.

With our significant experience in the global environment of solar engineering, we make sure to employ the method of best practice and base our work on industry standards while staying up-to-date with new technologies and advancements.


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PV design worldwide since 2011

Helping to deliver over 14GW of renewable power in 48 countries

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