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Detra Solar is a Solar & Storage Design and Engineering services firm. We work with EPCs, project developers and investors into solar energy globally. Over the 13 years of our experience we have delivered 45 GWp worth of projects across 50+ countries which equals to providing power to over 21 million households.

ISO900 & ISO9110 certified

We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified, showcasing our commitment to the highest quality standards. This certification reflects our dedication to excellence, ensuring consistent, reliable, and efficient processes. It highlights our ongoing pursuit of quality improvement and our promise to deliver outstanding products and services to our clients.

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Basic/Conceptual Design Services

Our Basic/Conceptual design services provide essential insights for project stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding…


Drawings for Planning Application

Our Drawings for Planning Application service provides detailed and intricate drawings essential for obtaining planning…


Design Services for Tenders / Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Our Tendering Design Service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ projects,…


Execution/Detailed Design Service

Our Execution/Detailed Design service offers a comprehensive Full Turn-Key Design package, encompassing construction-ready drawings and…


Design Optimisation

Design Optimisation service is focused on maximizing the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. Through advanced simulations,…


Dedicated Design Engineering Support

Detra Solar facilitates a dedicated project/design engineer to provide Solar/Energy Storage engineering support for our…


Owner’s Engineering

Detra Solar offers comprehensive Owner’s Engineering services to provide expert oversight and ensure the highest…

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