What we do

DETRA Solar designs commercial and utility-scale solar projects for fortune 5000 companies, utilities, developers and government agencies worldwide.
Our engineers have designed over 9.4GW of renewable projects in 48 countries, gaining in-depth knowledge of the solar industry.

PV Engineering

Construction ready electrical and mechanical drawings

Design Audit

Your independent auditor to ensure the effectiveness of your PV system.

Owner's Engineering

We will be your dedicated technical consultants.

Software Development

Software that makes solar design faster and more accurate

VR Interactivity

VR tech that gives you a clear picture of what to expect

3D Vizualisations

Drone and 3D rendered video – getting the aesthetics right

Owner’s Engineering

Maximising your investment

We will be your dedicated technical consultants. With almost a decade of experience as consultants on international solar projects, we’ll apply industry best practices and standards to help you get the most out of your solar investment.

We have expertise in civil, structural and electrical engineering, so we can check and optimize your layout, design and check all of the calculations for you. Our team will work tirelessly to get you the best possible results from your solar project.

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Design Audit

Efficiency guaranteed

Your independent auditor to ensure the effectiveness of your PV system. We’ll conduct an in-depth review of the AC elements of the solar design, using industry standard software and the specialist knowledge of our experienced engineers. The audit process ensures that your solar plant is optimized for maximum efficiency. We’ll provide feedback and suggestions on how to control operational losses, maximize energy output and increase profits.

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PV Engineering

Designed with precision

Your priorities are precision and promptness. So, we make those our priorities too.

Our professional engineers use 3D Solar Planner, our bespoke specialist software that brings the design to life. It guarantees a high degree of design accuracy created specifically for solar projects. Our engineers apply their knowledge and skills to specify the elements of the design and set parameters, while the software automates the repetitive tasks. Our engineers then customize the design to give optimal energy yield.

All of our designs adhere to strict quality parameters and undergo rigorous checks and reviews. This means you can rest assured that your design will be as close to perfection as possible. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in the development process – we offer a variety of services to suit.

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Virtual Reality

VR tech that gives you a clear picture of what to expect

Our 3D Solar Planner software creates 3D rendered images of the solar park design. These images can be manipulated and explored on screen or uploaded into a virtual reality environment such as Oculus Rift or similar. Just imagine being able to get a 100% accurate representation of your solar park and being able to walk around it before ground has even been broken.

The benefits of a VR representation are:

  • Being able to spot any aesthetic problems early on
  • Getting an accurate feel for the project while planning the construction phase
  • An impressive way to showcase your project to investors


Get a bird’s eye view of your solar project

You want to maximize your chances of getting planning permission. So, making your solar project visually appealing or as non-intrusive as possible on the local environment is an important consideration. This is particularly important for large solar farms that tend to be situated in scenic countryside areas. Using drone camera technology, we can get full aerial footage of your proposed site and overlay a 3D rendered design of the solar project.

This allows you to:

  • Tweak the design to improve the visual effect
  • Showcase your project to investors
  • Help planning departments to make their decision
  • Reassure local councils and residents