Who we are

Detra Solar was founded in 2011 in Germany by David Trainavicius. Over these years, we have supported over 100 of our partnerships worldwide. Our list includes developers, EPC companies, solar module installers and investors for solar parks.

The team has gathered extensive knowledge of solar energy systems. Whether it’s a roof-mounted, ground-mounted, floating, or even a carport system – we’ve had our share in designing it to create a greener tomorrow.

Our software – PVcase had started from the insight of Detra’s engineering team and has developed into a separate market-leading product since then.  Our extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the product allows us to use its full potential and create topography-based work in high precision and short timeframes.

We currently operate from our head office in Kaunas, Lithuania, with a team of 20 professional, youthful, dedicated people. Come visit and meet us!

Our values

Reliability & Integrity

Trust is vital in business, especially when time is of the essence and a successful outcome is needed first time.

That’s why we go out of our way to create open communication channels between all parties, project managers, surveyors, designers, engineers. An open dialogue and collaborative approach leads to success.

High Standards

We set ourselves big goals in terms of designing and engineering sustainable solar projects.
Our aim is to help create a cleaner environment. Not only that, but we want to do it as efficiently, accurately and quickly as possible.

We strive for absolute precision, as we know design inaccuracies lead to installation problems. We have robust systems in place to maintain the highest standards in the industry.


We aim to continually minimize our impact on the environment.
By nature of what we do, we’re helping to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, benefiting society as a whole.

Also, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our own carbon footprint with green initiatives within the business.


We have a culture of respect at Detra Solar. We have absolute respect for our clients, colleagues and any other parties we work alongside.

Our entire business is based on respect for the environment. As solar engineers, we are pioneers of a more ecologically sound and sustainable source of energy.

We are also mindful of keeping local environments attractive, and we factor this into our designs.

Meet the team

David Trainavicius

Founder / CEO

Juste Alisauskaite


Roland Sliautaris

Head of Engineering

Marius Laurinaitis

Lead Project Engineer

Rokas Uzpelkis

Senior PV Engineer

Mod Mitkus

Senior PV Engineer

Greta Urbstanaityte

Technical Sales Manager

Andrew Ivanauskas

Technical Sales Manager

Ugne Zindziute

PV Engineer

Iveta Valukonyte

PV Engineer