Serkan Kaniturk

Serkan Kaniturk is the CTO at Detra Solar and a Chartered Engineer (CEng) with 20+ years of experience in the energy sector. He has worked for prominent companies like Centrica and British Gas for more than 10 years. Serkan holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MSc in Energy Storage from Loughborough University and an MSc in Engineering Management from Bournemouth University.

As a Technical Contributor for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Serkan has played a crucial role in shaping industry standards such as the code of practice for PV and Energy Storage systems in UK. He was one of the pioneering engineers in the UK who designed the first ground-mounted solar system at the Toyota Factory in Derby, UK (5 MWp in 2009) and also designed the first Energy Storage project in Newcastle, UK (3 MW in 2017) .

One of his notable projects was the design and installation of a solar energy system at the City Hall in London, United Kingdom in 2007; This provides an excellent example of a renewable energy flagship project as it is seen by millions of people annually due to its iconic design and landmark location.

In addition to all, Serkan has designed, managed and inspected more than 100MWs of solar and renewable energy projects wordwide.


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