Case Study

Case Study: Elysium Solar GmbH, Agri-PV project

Project Overview

Elysium Solar GmbH Berlin is a pure play developer for Agri-PV utility scale plants. The client envisioned an innovative Agri-PV (Agrivoltaics) system, integrating solar tracking technology to optimize the project area for agricultural production, solar energy generation and integrated compensation areas. More than 80% of the area and an integrated waterdrop irrigation system shall allow for efficient growth and harvesting of crops beneath solar panels. Adequate spacing facilitates agricultural operations with existing or GPS upgraded machines. The primary objective of Detra was to prepare supportive drawings and calculations for the successful development and permitting of the land use plan. Additionally a technical specification for the tendering phase has been elaborated, aiding the client in receiving and evaluating offers from manufacturers and contractors interested in constructing the Agri-PV farm.


German-based Solar PV park developer Elysium Solar GmbH

Project location

Schönefeld Germany

Key Deliverables

The project focused on delivering highly detailed and accurate supportive documents, including:

  1. General Plan: Overall layout of the Agri-PV system within the provided boundary.
  2. Site Cross-Sections: Detailed cross-sectional views of the site.
  3. Fence Layout: Design and placement of fencing around the site.
  4. Single Line Diagram: Electrical schematic of the system.
  5. Side Elevation Drawings: Detailed side views of the fence, road, mounting system, CCTV, and other elements.
  6. CCTV (Camera) Layout: Placement and coverage of security cameras.
  7. Communication Layout: Network and communication system design.
  8. Trench Design: Design of trenches for cabling and water management.
  9. PVSyst Yield Analysis: Simulation and analysis of the PV system’s energy yield.
  10. Bill of Materials: Comprehensive list of equipment and quantities required.
  11. Request for Proposal (Technical Requirements): Detailed technical specifications for the tender phase.

What is Agri-PV?

Agri-PV, or Agrivoltaics, refers to the co-location of agricultural crops and photovoltaic (PV) systems on the same land. This approach enhances resource efficiency by utilizing the same land for both energy and food production. Photon sharing in Agri-PV systems manages sunlight to benefit both crops and Power Production. The partial shade provided by solar panels can create a favorable microclimate for certain crops, improving productivity, reducing pest impact, and mitigating adverse climate events. For instance, in arid regions, crops may achieve higher yields with reduced water requirements due to increased soil moisture levels under the panels. Conversely, in wetter environments, appropriate panel spacing is crucial for effective water management and crop yield. During periods of low or negative power prices, single axis trackers may be turned out of the sun and minimizing shading by more than 90%.

The constant optimization of agriculture harvest and power production leads to a professional synergy between agriculture and the energy sector. Allowing animal husbandry may contribute to an increased fertility of the soil.  

Project Timeline and Schedule

  • Preliminary Layout: February 2023 (Delivered on time)
  • Tender Drawings Preparation: March 2023 (Delivered on time)


Developing an efficient PV layout while complying with local authority requirements posed significant challenges. The project required thorough visibility studies, geotechnical reports, and adherence to restrictions related to public objects. Additionally, the technical requirements were tailored to the client’s preferred equipment. Specific to Agri-PV, the project faced challenges in integrating an irrigation  system within the site and managing an irregularly shaped boundary, necessitating foresight into potential installation issues. 


The project successfully delivered all required PV drawings and documents on time and within budget. A Client visit during several days at Detra’s Headquarter allowed the elaboration of detailed solutions and a bill of materials at early stage, valid throughout the tender process. This allowed Client to establish a stable project budget at early stage. Detra is a company fully recognized in the utility scale PV market. Elysium Solar was specifically satisfied to interact with Detra on a high professional level throughout the organisation.

“The advices of Detra regarding supply capabilities and fulfilment of ESG criteria, supported us to select PV Modules for the plant design. In fact installed capacity has been kept at equal levels along of a multi year permitting development process, creating trust of various stakeholders such as permitting authorities, grid connection, local politics and financing environment.”

  – Elysium Solar

The client expressed satisfaction regarding quality and detail of the deliverables, enabling them to move forward with the construction phase of the Agri-PV system. 

The project’s successful execution will mark a significant step towards innovative and sustainable land use, combining agriculture and renewable energy generation.


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