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DETRA SOLAR designs commercial and utility scale solar projects for fortune 5000 companies, utilities, developers, and government agencies worldwide. Our engineers have a total design experience of over 7.2GW in various countries across the world.


We make a fundamental contribution to reducing CO2 emissions worldwide, protecting the climate and the environment.

When providing our services we always take into consideration the environmental side of things. Day to day we face not only technical and economical challenges but also environmental ones which we consider of the utmost importance in every aspect of our work.

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As an Owner’s Engineer, we work as your dedicated technical consultant to ensure that you get the maximum out of your investment. With years of experience in international markets, we bring global best practices and industry standards to your solar projects.

  • Preliminary layout and site optimization
  • Review of the  PV design proposed by EPC contractor
  • String design calculation review
  • Inverter design calculation review
  • DC / AC losses review
  • Wiring layouts review
  • Transformer station review
  • Yield estimate calculation review
  • Long term yield assessments (P50/P90)


As your independent auditor, we run in depth review of the AC side of your solar project, by using industry standard software and in-house know how. This ensures that your plant is optimized and will run more efficiently. We make suggestions to control operational losses, maximize generation, and improve profitability.

Solar interconnection to High voltage AC audit includes:

  • Power flows in medium and high voltage
  • Short circuit level evaluation
  • Voltage losses
  • Energy quality
  • Grid operator requirements evaluation

Low and Medium voltage DC/AC electric audit includes:

  • AC/DC side insulation coordination
  • AC/DC power losses effectiveness
  • Protection and automation coordination
  • MCC panel thermal conditions evaluation
  • Grounding matt, surge protection
  • Power transformer protection coordination
  • Panel thermal conditions evaluation
  • Equipment sizing
  • Insulation coordiantion
  • Environmental temperature, altitude influence on equipment working condition


Our highly experienced engineers specify every element of your solar system and using best practices and industry standard software ensure that it is at the highest quality. We define all aspects of the design including technology, structural support, mechanical elements, and electricals. Our designs meet our strict quality parameters and undergo rigorous reviews to ensure a finely crafted technical solution that stands the test of time. Our engineers have a total design experience of over 7.2GW in various countries across the world. We offer various services that can be tailored to your needs, no matter where you are in the development lifecycle.

Site evaluation:

  • Identifying sites to maximize your return on investment
  • Constraints maps detailing the developable area
  • Preliminary site plans and energy production estimates
  • Site ranking tools for comparing sites

Site development:

  • Technology selection
  • Site layout and facility design optimization
  • Design drawings to solicit EPC bids

Pre-construction engineering:

  • Site optimization taking into account all the technical and financial aspects
  • Construction ready electrical and mechanical drawings
  • Equipment selection and BOM

Key projects

Project references

Utility Scale Solar Parks

We were instructed to design one of the biggest solar parks connected in the UK during 2016. The design phase, filled with environmental and economical challenges, was successfully carried out by our highly-experienced engineers.

40 MWp

United Kingdom

Utility Scale Solar Parks

We undertake unique projects that go in accordance with our sustainability values. In 2017 an old landfill site was redesigned into a solar park despite a complex terrain, extensive wind loads and gas pipelines.

7.43 MWp

United Kingdom

Utility Scale Solar Parks

In 2015 we were tasked with conceptualization of a 10MWp solar park near the tranquil town of Horslund. After a solid period of consistent design upgrades the park now covers a total area of 68500 square meters with almost 40 000 solar panels installed.

10 MWp

United Kingdom

Commercial PV projects

By designing a rooftop PV array with 6069 solar panels and four 60 kW lithium batteries our design engineers created a system that allows West London’s largest wholesale market meet half its energy needs from clean energy.

1.73 MWp

United Kingdom

Commercial PV projects

Being an experienced and focused team means working with leading global companies like Sony who wish to utilize their rooftops and facade and leave a mark in the PV industry.

160 kWp

United Kingdom

Commercial PV projects

Big companies aren’t the only ones who invest into solar energy. In 2017 we helped a secondary college in Australia achieve their goal of contributing towards a sustainable future.

300 kWp


Solar Carport projects

PV carports are an oustanding way to utilize parking space by providing shade for cars whilst generating electricity.

210 kWp

United Kingdom

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