Efficiency guaranteed

Your independent auditor to ensure the effectiveness of your PV system.

The audit process ensures that your solar plant is optimized for maximum efficiency. We’ll provide feedback and suggestions on how to control operational losses, maximize energy output and increase profits.

We’ll conduct an in-depth review of the AC elements of the solar design, using industry standard software and the specialist knowledge of our experienced engineers.

Solar interconnection to High voltage AC audit

Power flows in medium and high voltage

Our review begins with an in-depth analysis of the power flows running from the PV modules to the inverter and how effectively the transformer raises the voltage. If the power ratings are incorrect, you could be losing potential output.

We’ll look at all of the possible ways to increase power flows in medium and high voltage plants.

Short circuit level evaluation

We’ll calculate the maximum current that is generated if all voltages are at zero.

This evaluation will tell us whether your cables and inverters would withstand a fault that causes a short circuit in the system. For safety, maintenance and financial reasons, this situation should be avoided at all costs, but if the worst does happen, you need to know that your PV system will hold up.

Voltage losses

Voltage losses will reduce the potential yield. If you’re operating commercially, this could result in a substantial loss of profit.

Our engineers carry out an in-depth analysis of the whole system, calculating transfer and conversion losses, then producing a report on the best options to minimize losses.

Energy quality

Our engineers will analyze the energy output from your PV system for yield and continuity.

The resulting report will give an overview of the energy quality, and whether any upgrades can be made to enhance it. This can be a low-cost way to maximize your energy production and ensure that there is a steady flow.

Low and Medium-voltage DC/AC electric audit

AC/DC power loss evaluation

Conversion losses through the inverter can account for a large proportion of the overall energy loss in a PV system.

This is especially the case if the power rating of the inverter is incorrect. Our engineers will check this by re-calculation and recommend new components if needed.

Protection and automation coordination

The coordinated control systems for protection and automation are an important part of a well-functioning PV system.

We’ll ensure that everything is coordinated well and that the systems are handling things correctly.

Grounding mat, surge protection

For the safety of your plant, you need to make sure that the system is grounded and earthed to protect against surges caused by lightning strikes, for instance.

We will inspect the quality of grounding mats and any other surge protection, recommending improvements where needed.

Power transformer protection coordination

Power transformers are vulnerable to damage from electric surges. If you have large or several transformer stations, any damage has the potential to be very costly.

We’ll assess the quality of your transformer protection, ensuring that in the worst case scenario your transformers will withstand a large energy surge.

Equipment sizing

We will take the specific details of your project into account when assessing the equipment sizes.

We’ll also check the wiring size and the sizing of other components.

Insulation coordination

We’ll make sure that all insulation is coordinated through the control system.

This means that correct insulation will be in place to prevent energy loss.

Environmental temperature, altitude influence on equipment working condition

Depending on where in the world your PV system is based, there may be issues with the temperature of the environment (too hot or too cold) and the altitude or height above sea level.

These factors can have detrimental effects on your equipment, premature wear or fractures, for instance.

Our engineers will perform a full-scale assessment of environmental concerns in the project’s location and report back with any improvements that can be made.