Detra Solar’s journey began back in 2011 in Bremen, Germany. Since then, the founder, David Trainavicius, and the entire Detra team’s ambition to put the company on a worldwide map of engineering & consulting companies has never been more real.

Detra is proud to have been the launchpad that kickstarted the solar PV careers of so many talented engineering students from and in Lithuania as well as providing opportunities to work and gain valuable experience working in the field of sustainable energy.

The talent that was nurtured here at Detra Solar has additionally been responsible for bringing life to another ambitious product and company, PVcase, which has outgrown the overall expectations and today has a successful life of its own.

The journey has been filled with many beautiful moments, challenges overcome, lessons learned, and we are ready for many more ahead!

Our priority has always been and continues to be, to enable our business partners to deliver projects worldwide with the utmost speed, engineering design quality and a competitive edge. We envision a world in which solar is the No.1 energy source and this is our part in building a sustainable future.

Happy Birthday, Detra! Kudos to the team!

Juste Alisauskaite